Bedroom Music Ep 1: Angel Bat Dawid

Bedroom Music Ep 1: Angel Bat Dawid

Episode 1 of Bedroom Music stars Chicago local composer, clarinetist, pianist, and vocalist Angel Bat Dawid, now renowned around the world for her powerful live improvisations and her magnificent recorded work including her debut album The Oracle, Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood – Live Album, and her latest release Hush Harbor Mixtape Vol. 1 Doxology.

In episode 1 you’ll get some of Angel’s clarinets, Angel’s thoughts on making music during the pandemic, hear some improvised Angel ditties, and a cover of of “Use your Heart” by SWV. Angel has a unique way connecting people through music, with live shows emphasizing collaboration improvisation, and audience involvement. In her episode of bedroom music, Angel doesn’t show us her private space or things, but rather creates a unique personal space for the episode and brings a sincere energy highlighting her truly favorite things, her instruments and joyous improvisation.

The following is a transcript of the episode!

Angel Bat Dawid: Hello everyone.

*Bedroom Music Intro Song* 

I call the bedroom a very sacred place. My bedroom, like, like, ya’ll, I was kind of nervous to do this because I’m like, this is like one of my most sacred places. This is where I go to sleep.  This is where all my thoughts and everything, this is like my creative chamber. So the bedroom is just where I can completely be myself.

“What does baby making music mean to you?”

Baby making music is music that’s to put you in the mood, to love. Baby making music is that music that is just full of love, and full of sacredness, and, and, just the idea that you can create another life based off of a sound is pretty phenomenal

“What instruments do I have in my home?”
Well I have quite a lot of instruments, because that’s what I primarily do, I’m a musician. So, I have B-flat clarinets, just a B-flat clarinets, my baby. You know we’ve been friends for a very very long time, me and the clarinet are best, best of friends. Has not steered me wrong, for real.

But I also have a G clarinet, this is a little different, they use this in like in Turkish music and stuff. You can definitely get a lot more different tones, like *plays clarinet*

Also have a bass clarinet, gotta have that bass.

“What do you miss the most about playing live shows?”
I definitely miss being on stage, I love being on stage. The stage is like my bedroom, it’s the same type of space where i can really be myself. I love to be in a space and know that I can affect the space around me and being in a room full of people and us being joyful and us, you know, working through things musically.

“How do you think we can incorporate that into the virtual space?”I don’t think we can incorporate it into the virtual space, this is not going to be the same as that and I don’t think I would want to incorporate that live feeling into a square robotic, no,  you can’t do it. So with that in mind, you have to, we have to start thinking of how we do music completely different, you know. For me, personally, it meant like I had to level up on my video, visual skills.

Thank you all for listening to me, to me, and thank you all for coming to my bedroom suite. I sing a lot in here, I think a lot in here, this is my sacred space, so I thank youuu for coming to my sp-a-ace. Remember, always. Space. Is. the. Place. Thank you so much, peace and love. 


Angel has a lot to say and lot of light to give, so here is the unedited content Angel produced for her Bedroom Music episode, Enjoy!