Bedroom Music Ep 2: Superknova

Bedroom Music Ep 2: Superknova

Bedroom Music Episode 2 stars SuperKnova! In this episode, SuperKnova will show off her beautiful room and will absolutely floor you with her cover of “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye … Oh, and watch out for your face, it may melt during the guitar solo.

SuperKnova is the solo project of Ellie Kim, bringing her multifaceted at talents as a guitarist, lyricist, vocalist, producer, and recording engineer. SuperKnova has a way of keeping alive the gritty and raw emotion of Soul, R&B, and Rock influences, while adding in immaculate modern textures and production to make a unique and instantly recognizable sound. Her music celebrates queer culture and aesthetics while never simplifying it, and wrestles with the struggles of queer representation, depression, and dysphoria.

For all things Superknova, visit her website:

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