Bedroom Music Ep 4: LeSage Williams

Bedroom Music Ep 4: LeSage Williams

Bedroom Music Episode 4 stars LeSage Williams. In Episode 4, LeSage cuddles with their doggo Alfredo, shows us their visual art up on the walls, talk about their obsession with outer space, reveals their favorite snack, and covers “So Into You” by Tamia on the acoustic guitar and vox.

We had the pleasure of printing an interview feature with LeSage Williams in our TSM Issue 13. Read the interview here:

Check out LeSage Williams Music online!

Bedroom Music Webseries gives viewers a personal look into the lives of musicians in Chicago. Typically when folks say “bedroom music” they mean music that is good background for putting on in your bedroom when getting it on. Or someone may say “bedroom pop” to refer to music produced DIY in a bedroom or closet. In any case, music changes its tune depending on where it is played, and music listened to, or played, in a personal space like a bedroom always has a unique character. In this series Chicago artists grant viewers a charmingly informal yet deeply personal look into their homes for a chat and a serenade cover of a typically “bedroom music” type song.

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