The Photography of Christopher Brown

01 “Beautiful Disruption”

This piece is to make you ponder on the foundations of pain being surpressed and what that means to you. This was a interesting piece to create because I was in a place where I was doing nothing but relying on my ability to manifest art to replace the problems that were in my life at that time.

Model- D’andre Nero

“Midnight Solar”

The ability to see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises all at the same time all around the world all in a reflective perspective. This piece just reflects on the ability to embrace the concept of warmth and what is to be the opposite of cold and bitter.

Model Anai Akuei, MUA: Tiara Deshane Henderson, Stylist: Bella Royal

“Broken Earthly Plains”

The ability to see things in a dual perspective is something that’s not given to everyone and most have to fight their entire lives to truly observe things in a balance of right and wrong, black and white, good and evil. This piece is an example of seeing things in that possible way.

Models: Anai Akuei Jennifer Pagan, MUA: Tiara Deshane Henderson
Stylist: Bella Royal