Glitter Moneyyy Trades Malort for THAT FINE CALI TREE

Glitter Moneyyy Trades Malort for THAT FINE CALI TREE

Photos by Claire Woolcott

In a previous Sick Muse interview, P. Michael, band leader of Chicago’s legendary ONO, said: “Glitter Moneyyy’s doing something old and new, too. But it’s something old that’s important, almost lost. They’re teaching people to be nasty again.”

Indeed the duo, comprised of TayyySlayyy and Queen Trashley, brings an explosive energy to every song in every performance. Glitter Money is not “bringing sexy back” with sanitized radio friendly whisper tracks. They make sex actually seem sexy, drugs actually seem fun, and politics potentially radical. Their beats always go hard and their vocal delivery is clear and direct. The nastiness is ever the nastier for the comedic element. Nothing is inherently worthy of respect and everything should be challenged. Glitter Moneyyy’s nastiness is the logical conclusion of a patriarchal and capitalist society that goes to war on drugs, limits sexual freedom, and dictates racist and sexist image of what is attractive or not.

Unfortunately, Chicago staple Glitter Moneyyy has left Chicago for L.A. Chicagoans, in competition for the title of Third Coast with the gulf region, may be worried about losing its talented folks to the industry strongholds in NYC or LA, but don’t worry Glitter Moneyyy didn’t sell out; they only left in search of better/cheaper weed and more sunshine as our interview sheds light on.

Glitter Moneyyy answered our Interview questions by email in January before Covid-19 was on the radar. We got an updated answer for the questions regarding upcoming plans but the rest of the answers are from January!

TSM: What do you miss about the Chicago scene?

TayyySlayyy and Queen Trashley: The amazing bands and artists and venues!!!! Particularly miss all the good people of Caliwaukee, that was a great DIY venue right thurr. Def miss playing the Bottle, too.

TSM: What’s the most exciting thing about the move?

TayyySlayyy: It feels like the possibilities are endless. Like our journey is just beginning, also WEEEED.

Queen Trashley: Well, the cannabis here is exquisite. And as a band, we were ready to shake things all the way the fuck up and see what happens. We are both originally from Florida, so though we love Chicago, we could not handle another winter. Like, nah. No way homie. Shit is too muthafucking cold. We tryna wear bikinis and mini skirts everyday year round.

TSM: Any cool artist out there in Cali that us Chicagoans should check out?

TayyySlayyy and Queen Trashley: Big fan of Louda, who is from Chicago! Also Mimi Tempest is amazing and her project Rough Diamonds is great.

TSM: How did y’all first get involved in the LA scene? Are yall pioneering the juggalo scene out there?

Queen Trashley: LMAO UM. hahahaha. Okay hahaha. Okay cool. We’ve been coming to LA every winter to escape the deep freeze. We didn’t think we had any fans out here initially but then we’d play shows and people would be like “YES! THANKS FOR COMING TO LA TO PLAY!!! WE LOVE YOU!” and we were like oh okay dope dope dope, true.

TSM: Do y’all plan to continue Glitter Fest?

TayyySlayyy: We’re definitely going to do a West Coast Glitter Fest and are talking about returning to Chicago for Glitter Fest 5. Gotta keep spreading the sparkle.

Queen Trashley: We fucking LOVE throwing our own festival and will probably keep doing it till we die of old age together holding hands, sitting in rocking chairs on our private beach, smoking PCP. (a habit we plan on picking up when we cross 95).

TSM: Picasso once said “We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth”. So, yall probably say you are moving to LA to hone your craft and realize your full artistic potential, but are you moving to LA so that you can “smoke until you die bitch?”

TayyySlayyy: Hahaha we are gonna Guinness World Record for being the highest people in the state of California.

Queen Trashley: Lmaoooooooooo man we love weed. It’s hard to leave Malort, it really is. But that fine fine Cali tree.

TSM: When I see artist move to LA, it’s usually because they want to have more opportunitie, to kinda get some overlays to increase visibility on all fronts. Whereas in Chicago folks tend to stick to one niche and go hard in that. Do y’all plan to expand into other platforms of performance?

TayyySlayyy: We are constantly coming up with new ideas for ourselves. We are and always have been multifaceted
performers and we have so many ideas exploding in our heads at all times.

Queen Trashley: We do it all. Total world domination is coming soon. Glitter fucking everywhere. We will EGOT. Our Broadway show will be amazing and also protested.

TSM: Do y’all already have some shows on the books, or do you plan to take some time off to settle in before performing again?

TayyySlayyy: We were booking a number of shows but Covid had other plans for us this year. Right now we’re giving ourselves time to experience this huge transition. Moving across the country comes with lots of stressors so we are being good to ourselves.

Queen Trashley: We will be playing some dope ass shows here in Cali, back in Chi, and all over eventually. Covid ruined all of our 2020 show plans.

TSM: Are you going to do a similar thing with Chicago that you did with LA playing out here a couple times a year, or do you all plan to start touring?

TayyySlayyy: We will definitely be back in Chicago playing shows (especially in the summertime). We love Chicago and will always, ALWAYS be down to play there. No one parties like Chicago.

Check out all things Glitter Moneyyy on their website!

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