Indigo and Brevity (Blck Bdies, 2019)

Indigo and Brevity (Blck Bdies, 2019)

Inspired by “After Glow” by Sam Gilliam

When I look at you, I think of all the sculptures that never were.

Our bathroom becomes a planetarium, we are lonely stars,
In the mirror, I see constellations on our faces that don’t mean a thing
A story our tongues will never tell.
Brighter under the fluorescent light, our crooked teeth and gaps in between,
We don’t want to fix a thing
You are perfect.
And I, too, am perfect.
There is music echoing in the once-white tiled walls
Maybe we should shower soon, you say:
We are black and we are bodies, but baby can we be both?

Your mother once told me:
When you create an empire of fire and ice,
The rest the world believes it shouldn’t be.
Our eyes are the only ones that can see
Our Celestine armor of the night
It belongs to us, we are the curators of unbroken contradiction

I tell you this, we laugh, we cry,
If jazz were a feeling, it would be just like this:
We held up the world and it was weightless,
There was no gravity in the storm, we didn’t ask for this rain
But our hair grows wet and unstraightened.
I thought I heard a humming bird somewhere,
Uncaged, unfurled, unheard of before now.
In those moments, I believe that we are brave.

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