Bedroom Music

TSM is making its video producing debut with this hybrid music documentary / interview / performance series. Each episode features a different local favorite covering a sexy song from their own bedroom along with an exclusive interview and tour.


Bedroom Music Webseries will give viewers a personal look into the lives of musicians in Chicago. Typically when folks say “bedroom music” they mean music that is good background for putting on in your bedroom when getting it on. Or someone may say “bedroom pop” to refer to music produced DIY in a bedroom or closet. In any case, music changes its tune depending on where it is played, and music listened to, or played, in a personal space like a bedroom always has a unique character. In this series Chicago artists grant viewers a charmingly informal yet deeply personal look into their homes for a chat and a serenade cover of a typically “bedroom music” type song.

Season 1 includes episodes featuring guest artists Angel Bat Dawid, Ariel Zetina, Superknova, Lesage Williams, Lyn Rye, Charles Joseph Smith, Sharkula, and Jolisha Whatevr.

We prepared prompts for artists to explore their homes. For season 1 artists we will get answers to questions like:

  • Show us how you turn your room into a dance party
  • What instruments do you have in your home?
  • What does “baby making music” mean to you?
  • What is your favorite snack to have at home? 
  • Please give us a formal introduction to your stuffed animals

Series Trailers

Episode Teasers


Bedroom Music Ep 6: Charles Joseph Smith

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Bedroom Music Ep 5: Lyn Rye

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Bedroom Music Ep 4: LeSage Williams

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Bedroom Music Ep 3: Ariel Zetina

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Bedroom Music Ep 2: Superknova

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Bedroom Music Ep 1: Angel Bat Dawid

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Bedroom Music Playlist

Enjoy the Sick Muse Spotify Playlist below! Artists will choose the songs they cover from this playlist!


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