The Sick Muse #10: Utopia


The Sick Muse #10 is the first 68-page, full color, glossy, 8.5 x 11″ issue of the Sick Muse! Centered around the theme of utopia, it features an interview with rap duo Mother Nature about becoming hip-hop geniuses, an interview with Chicago industrial and downtempo electronics wonders »radiant devices«, a guide to foraging wild life and growing food in Chicago, a foto series of queer nightlife by ColectivoMultipolar, an oral history of DIY Chicago, and so much more. With lyrics by Bloodhype, Cordoba, Forever, Absolutely Not, Isaura Flores, Richard Album, and Breathing Light. Front cover by Benjamin Karas. Back cover by Xander Black. Published June 22, 2018 during the World’s Fair 2018.

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Featured in the South Side Weekly Lit Issue: “The Sick Muse is an ever-evolving homage to Chicago’s various DIY scenes. For issue 10, editors Sasha Tycko, Noah Jones, and Jolene Whatever have grown from their zine roots into a full-size glossy magazine with artist interviews, hip weirdo features, and artfully illustrated lyrics from local bands. It’s all centered on the concept of utopia and a willfully optimistic call to action, including the excerpt featured here: “How to Do Things with Throats” by pt bell.”

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