TSM #13 – Summer 2020

But at long last, here is Issue 13, our first digital release! You may either read the issue in the above embed, or download one of the PDF files below (either with single page images, or double-page spread images). Either way there are web content links a plenty and navigation links to help you get around the document! Hope you enjoy!

Apologies for the drought, Winter Issue turned to Spring Issue turned to Summer Issue…the seasons may change but our inconsistency remains the same. But, to our credit, as you may have noticed, there’s been this worldwide pandemic going on. Due to this unfortunate crisis, the issue will be a digital release only, with no print distribution. Also you may have noticed an uprising against police and state violence led by the Black Lives Matter movement with renewed passion after the killing of George Floyd. The Sick Muse stands in support of all calls to dismantle the current police apparatus rooted in violence, authoritarianism, and white supremacy, and radically transform our conception of society’s conception of collective security. Our editors all have been involved in the mutual aid responses to Covid-19 and the efforts to protest the current police state and seek justice for George Floyd, and thus we have fallen a little behind on our publishing schedule. But fear not, going forward we return to our quarterly issues. 

This issue we asked for submissions on the theme “Chicago looking out”, connecting local art and perspectives to places outside Chicago, near and far. Kicking things off, the collage on the cover and the piece to the left is by the amazing Esra Esra Kalk, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey and found us on Instagram. You may find two more of Esra’s pieces to on Page 29 & 30. Follow Esra on instagram @ esraesrakalk. Page 17 has an interview with Samantha Riott, an artist from Brooklyn who came through Chicago on tour. Page 19 catches up with Chicago’s Glitter Moneyyy recently moved to California. Page 27 discusses pt.fwd, an organization forging a relationship between Chicago and Bloomington-Normal. 

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Back Cover by Noelle Davis (Xander Black)