TSM Issue #14 is here!

TSM Issue #14 is here!

Our first issue release on the new website and its a real good one! We printed a small run of Issue 14 for the contributors and stocked it at Quimby’s Bookstore and Bric-a-Brac Records, so go pick it up in the stores or order it from our website’s shop!

The theme of this issue is “ghosts”. This issue is a ghost of itself. It was supposed to be released in the fall of 2020, but we became backlogged with other exciting new TSM projects in the works, and so, TSM Issue 14 died. Now it has risen from the dead, to haunt you, our dear readers. 

Shoutout to Earwig H. Airplug for the amazing front cover piece “Concrete Spirit”. Visit their website for more art, clothes. and jewelry.

Check out Issue 14 here! You can even download the Issue 14 PDF to keep forever! Click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of the PDF viewer to download!

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