WEAR YOUR ART ON YOUR SLEEVE: The Works of Earwig H. Airplug

Works by Earwig H. Airplug

As proclaimed on their website, “Earwig H. Airplug is a reclusive flesh and spirit tangle alive in Chicago IL.” And this is true, although one may quibble that their reclusivity was compromised when, at least pre-Covid times, they were curating shows at their live-in DIY venue space, Archer Ballroom. And  anyone that has witnessed Earwig H. Airplug’s vocal performances in their previous punk band Nonzoo, can personally attest to their demonstration of being a “flesh and spirit tangle”. As of late, Airplug has delved into clothing design. Their visual style is a sort of mashup of M.C Escher and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Full of tessellations, but fragmented, and collaged: geometries chaotically running into each other, and interacting with the figural world, creatures, humans, and insects. The viewer’s perspective is like that of some fourth dimensional  being at a museum drawing back a curtain and peaking in at the unfinished exhibit of our strange multiverse.

Earwig H. Airplug’s clothing doesn’t just print a piece of art on a shirt, it is a piece of art in and of itself. The shirt is the canvas, and a collage of images and patterns that form the piece. The wearer becomes transformed into walking breathing art, and interestingly enough the shirt provides an alternate 3D surface for the 2D patterns that suggest 3D geometries of their own.

A visit to their website is highly recommended! Browse the selection of clothes, necklaces, and art: https://www.earwighairplug.com/

Work Sample by Earwig H. Airplug
Work Sample by Earwig H. Airplug